10 Most Promising EMR-EHR Solution Providers 2016
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10 Most Promising EMR-EHR Solution Providers 2016

Today, the impact of Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR) on healthcare sector is discernible from its increased adoption by healthcare establishments. Although interoperability continues to be a dominant challenge in the EMR-EHR arena, its proficiency has significantly improved in the recent times, contributing immensely to the quality of patient care. This is mainly facilitated by the move towards cloud based EMR solutions that speeds up data and information access in real time. A Cloud-based EHR infrastructure eliminates high acquisition costs associated with a client-server and ensures mobile accessibility to healthcare records, better continuity of care, and improved patient engagement.

Top EMR-EHR Companies

Progressing healthcare organizations into the digital era with HIPAA compliant EHR solutions that automates their workflow


Provides integrated EMR, practice management software and tailored solution to fit the needs of the individual practice or any healthcare organizations


Provider of cloud-based EMR software for ophthalmology and optometry


Delivers cloud-based EHR software for Stage 2 Meaningful Use


Offering unique practice management, EMR, Inventory and Dispensing software and e-prescribing software enhancing the practice of ophthalmologists


Provides fully integrated and interoperable EHR to healthcare institutions to enable delivery of better healthcare services


Develops and deploys Practice Management and Electronic Health Records software


EHR solutions focused on the unique needs of public health and corrections


Offers enterprise-class technology and services to empower medical professionals and patients


Provides integrated platform for managing practices in behavioral healthcare