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Talon Healthy IT Services: Round the Clock IT Managed Services

Mike Linville, President & CEO, Talon Healthy IT ServicesMike Linville, President & CEO, Talon Healthy IT Services
‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’ It has been proven time and again that sharing responsibilities as a team brings out effective and efficient results. More so in a perpetual work environment like healthcare, where organizations seek collaborative work in order to delegate their IT and EMR related queries to a trusted partner. Healthcare organizations can now concentrate on their core competency of delivering quality healthcare. An in-house call center oftentimes proves to be costly to manage and requires substantial IT expertise for EMR and help-desk functions, which is why they should let the experts take over the reins.

Forging a time-honored partnership with healthcare organizations is the North Carolina-based Talon—a managed IT services provider—that offers affordable IT services to the healthcare space promising excellence and agility. “We want to be an extension of our clients’ IT department, and provide an enhanced service to the organization while reducing cost, improving service delivery and allowing the client organization to focus on their core competency, delivering healthcare,” says Mike Linville, President and CEO of Talon Healthy IT Services.

Clients of Talon are offered with shared help-desk functions where in the Talon team handles all incoming calls of the customer that includes technical, clinical, non-clinical, and patient portal calls. “Talon was created with the view to provide uninterrupted call center support for EMR and IT related queries,” says Linville. The company ensures high availability service from two fully redundant call centers, one in North Carolina and the other in Wisconsin. They even cross-train their staff across both sites, thus having full failover capabilities between the two.

Talon was created with the view to provide uninterrupted call center support for EMR and IT related queries

The company has been successful in offering low-cost services independent of the type of calls coming in. This has been achieved with an ongoing quality assurance process where the Talon team pinpoints the root causes of workflow errors or other technical deficiencies by identifying trends in call types in the client’s system. Talon takes a proactive approach to work with the client organizations to address these common issues to prevent the reoccurrence which reduces call volumes and ultimately reduces costs, allowing for more productivity and improved customer satisfaction. Talon believes this is the right thing to do as a true partner.

Three key tenets that the Talon team lives by are customer focus, commitment to excellence, and community involvement. The company firmly believes in providing the best solution at the right time and within reasonable costs.

One of the most inspiring factors about the company is that they thrive on their client’s successful outcomes. “Customers typically select Talon because we relate to excellence and customer satisfaction,” says Jeff Kennedy, Executive Vice President of Talon. A prime mention among several of Talon’s success stories includes implementing a go-live support— within two weeks—for a client that was rolling out a new software package to 10,000 employees. Talon delivered an elastic workforce and relieved the company of having to hire or train additional resources. The result was a great customer service experience within a short period, with high first call resolution, an example of Talon’s agility.

Talon’s short-term plans include the setting up of a third call center on the West Coast, which will allow increased redundancy in their support network. The ability to capitalize on the differences between the time-zones would allow for better workforce management that will optimize the customer experience. By working in a fully transparent mode with all their clients, Talon aims to meet their clients’ goals and establish a true partnership with them. When clients choose to trust Talon to manage and maintain their technology, it’s a guarantee of success.