SOAPware: Reimagining Electronic Healthcare

Dr. Randall Oates, M.D. President & CEO, SOAPwareDr. Randall Oates, M.D. President & CEO, SOAPware Updating patients’ records manually and storing them in color coded files is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Digital technology has radically transformed the way things function in the healthcare industry. Hours of admin duties and about 975 new pages of heavy paperwork each week are now a good riddance. Digitization of health and medical records has brought in increased direct patient care time and a 45 percent reduction in documentation time if an efficient EHR is properly implemented. However, it is not smooth sailing just yet. One obstacle that is prevalent with the advent of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the increased data demands. “This has essentially turned clinicians into data entry clerks!” comments Dr. Randall Oates, M.D., President & CEO, SOAPware.

The healthcare industry has transitioned into a computercentric care model instead of a patient-centric care model at the Point Of Care (POC). “This transition has led to a physician burn-out rate of more than 50 percent, which ultimately leads to lower quality care,” adds Oates. This is exactly where SOAPware excels and its forte; better utilizing the most costly resource in medical practices—a physician’s time and energy. Typically, a physician spends an average of 10 minutes per patient encounter clicking away at the computer. “For SOAPware users, the norm is significantly reduced to just two to three minutes,” emphasizes Oates. This gives clinicians more time to focus on patients, improving both patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Having been an innovator in healthcare for over 20 years, SOAPware’s intuitive EMR/EHR software, combined with their patient engagement platform, myHEALTHware, comes as the answer to many of healthcare’s current woes. “The design of our products allows clinicians to spend less time charting while still achieving quality reporting,” states Oates. It is not without reason that physicians have ranked SOAPware #1 in the U.S. for quality of care, according to a Medical Economics report.

"SOAPware allows clinicians to spend less time charting while still achieving quality reporting"

Flexible, Yet Robust

Designed from inside out to feel like a real chart, SOAPware makes the process of creating documentation much simpler for clinicians. SOAPware breaks every EHR norm by no longer being “tedious, onerous, obtuse, difficult to use.” It is equipped with unique designs and workflows to allow information to be viewed as needed. “SOAPware remains unmatched in our ability to offer a user interface designed to efficiently organize information,” says Oates. While other EMR providers force clinicians and patients to navigate through a maze of multiple windows, SOAPware user interface provides flexibility for medical practices to achieve meaningful use, ICD-10,

SOAPware remains unmatched in our ability to offer a user interface designed to efficiently organize information

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)/Accountable Care Organization (ACO), and Patient- Centered Medical Home (PCMH) compliance with fewer clicks. Oates notes that, removing distractions for clinicians while promoting ease of use for capturing data is a crucial aspect around which the SOAPware ERM/EHR is designed. “The RealChart user interface gives complete control to the user to create as much or as little documentation as needed,” he adds. Rather than a series of plain-Jane windows and text boxes that force the user down a pre-determined path, the SOAPware interface is “free flowing”—just like a real paper chart. The unique user interface allows users to move freely within the chart.

Whether it’s a small, large, or multi-location practice, SOAPware empowers healthcare facilities with higher billing levels, lower paper dependency, and enhanced office communications. Fully-customizable and certified for Meaningful Use, SOAPware EHR comes with built-in e-prescribing and medication fill history, and connects directly to the pharmacy for an efficient and streamlined workflow. With advanced features like Document and Tasks Management, Patient Research, and Patient Education Handouts, SOAPware offers the power and flexibility needed to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Furthermore, with cloud becoming omnipresent by the day, SOAPware is offering cloud integration capabilities as well. SOAPware Cloud Solution (SCS) offers a Platform as a Service (PaaS) rather than just Software as a Service (Saas). “This is important because medical practices need to have access to multiple, differing software products from multiple vendors,” explains Oates. SOAPware’s cloud platform meets the various needs of a medical practice, while reducing the cost of expensive, local infrastructures, such as local servers and services. With SCS, companies need no longer worry about data backups, system upgrades, and server maintenance—SOAPware takes care of it.

Patient-centered Health Management

“Patient engagement has become one of the most effective ways to keep patients satisfied, improve population health and reduce costs,” comments Oates. And so, he takes great pride in having created an EMR/EHR-agnostic patient engagement platform, myHEALTHware. “Imagine a state-of-the-art healthcare coordination platform that combines the best features of social networking with 20 years of medical software expertise,” says Oates. The outcome? Highly accessible health information, delivered with maximum levels of privacy, security, and ease-of-use. myHEALTHware satisfies patient’s increasing demand to see their health information online and enables providers and patients to exchange secure messages—a must for meeting Meaningful Use Stage 2 patient engagement measures. “It supports direct messaging for patients, enabling them to connect to anyone effortlessly,” says Oates. Through myHEALTHware, the patient’s health information can be automatically shared right from the EHR and save many steps of exporting-importingfaxing.

“myHEALTHware is the ultimate coordinated care solution,” emphasizes Oates alluding to the patient engagement platform’s ability to deliver the tools and resources needed to view patient data, connect with healthcare professionals, coordinate with internal and external team members, and communicate with other software users. This system serves as a Health Information Service Provider (HISP), allowing users to connect and share files with other providers via the openstandard, HIPAA-compliant Direct Protocol, regardless of the EHR in use. “The design of SOAPware and myHEALTHware facilitates team care and removes the burden of data entry from the physician,” says Oates.

Impacting Lives through Innovation

Founded by a core team of seasoned progressive thinking physicians and technology experts, SOAPware works tirelessly to advance health technology. The SOAPware team knows there is always something new on the horizon in today’s rapidly-shifting healthcare information technology landscape. Be it the nationwide transition to ICD-10 or something a little more fulfilling like patient engagement, SOAPware stays on the cutting edge of what’s hot in the industry. “We do this so you can rest assured knowing that your EHR solution, and the team that supports it, will be here for the long-haul,” points out Oates.

The company is determined to improve healthcare and the quality of life by empowering medical professionals and patients with innovative technology and services. The SOAPware Meaningful Use Certified software was designed in a real world setting, making it the preferred EHR for medical professionals all across the U.S. and around the world. SOAPware has also been investing in the creation of SMARText for use in medical record documentation. “SMARText provides physicians the ability to transform narrative, free-text into the structured, coded data needed for Meaningful Use and other reporting initiatives,” says Oates. This significantly reduces any additional steps when creating documentation and prevents the disruption of workflows.

Empowering Healthcare

With great respect for personal liberty and the inherent power of individuals, Oates maintains that flexibility and adaptation to change are vital values that spur growth. For instance, SOAPware is offering a hybrid approach where its solutions facilitate both the more efficient meeting of third party mandates while also facilitating shifts to direct pay relationships with patients. “Engaged patients guided by the right technology and clinicians deserving of their trust is our only hope for true healthcare reform via the new Quadruple Aim,” states Oates. Already leading the pack in delivering better quality of care, Oates is striving to improve patient experience of care, lower costs, and make populations healthier.

Down the road, SOAPware will continue to build solutions that bring value to patients. “Increasingly, the point of care is going to be wherever the patient is and less commonly within the confines of a healthcare facility,” says Oates. Recognizing the implications of such a shift, SOAPware is creating an IT foundation to adapt to this imminent transformation. Going forward, “additional offerings as Telehealth and mobile communication will be critical to being able to thrive in the healthcare space that is swarming with over 400 vendors,” states Oates.

- Raj Kumar
    June 03, 2015