PWeR ® : Leading Transformational Healthcare

PWeR®: Leading Transformational Healthcare

 Noel J. Guillama, President, PWeR®
Until now, the healthcare ecosystem presents a fragmented space with siloed health information across various systems. “While MRIs, ultrasound, and sophisticated diagnostic tools that abound in healthcare have advanced in the use of technology, in reality, what is more valuable is technology that can help doctors access patient's wellness information to provide better care,” says Noel J. Guillama, President of PWeR®. With an experience of more than two decades in administrative healthcare, Guillama draws attention to the fact that although the transition from basic paperwork into electronic records has eased the record management process; it is the financial aspect that has been prioritized more than patient health.

PWeR® broke the mold with their innovative EHR, shifting the spotlight on holistic patient-centered care with patients at the core of the platform and not the medical institutions. The catalyst was their care management program in Florida that catered to thousands of patients and resulted in interactions with 71,000 doctors. These interactions highlighted the lack of information flow when paper, phone, and fax were the preferred modes of communication. “The problem was seen as a suitable opportunity to be capitalized on and thus we began our journey. PWeR® was founded on the grounds of patient wellness,” states Guillama.

He points out that while the minimal use of technology is a challenge, too much of it can be overwhelming for the doctors. PWeR® was designed with the flow of medical care in mind, the intuitive SaaS-based PWeR® platform is HIPAA compliant and requires minimum training for all stakeholders. The Personal Wellness electronic Record (PWeR®) aggregates patient data from multiple sources into one centralized cloud based depository and offers a unique blend of clinical and practice solutions that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

PWeR® was founded on the grounds of patient wellness

The platform enables doctors to easily navigate and has all the necessary components to quickly document a patient’s health condition. A unique feature of the platform is the electronic prescription system that allows doctors to pull out the prescriptions that are needed and send it electronically to nearly every pharmacy in the U.S. This prevents any misinterpretation owing to the doctor’s illegible writing.

Another prominent feature is the note-taking section that depicts the optimum usage of the PWeR® platform where the doctor can input notes regarding the patient. Though PWeR® provisions the easy creation of numerous templates for note-taking, doctors also have the option to choose templates from the public domain created by other doctors if needed.

The incredible feature of the platform is that it enables doctors to connect with their peers and share and view information the other doctor has on the same patient with the consent of the patient and the concerned doctors. “That is truly transformational as doctors will be able to view the prescriptions, lab results, history, diagnostics, and more information in real time to holistically treat the patients and improve wellness,” explains Guillama. PWeR® patients, on the other hand, are part and parcel of their wellness program.

On the business front, a practice management component integrated into the platform enables doctors to document, aggregate, and eventually transmit the financial transaction through an electronic exchange that distributes to over one thousand insurance companies and almost all government health insurance programs.

Guillama envisions the next five years being an exciting phase. There are plans for platform enhancements in order to be attuned to the emerging economic models. Also on the anvil are proposals to run the PWeR® platform independently in each country to improve the speed of operations and fortify national patient privacy. The future looks promising for PWeR® with strategies in place to incorporate IoT, fitness trackers, DNA, and genetic information. Guillama says, “We are en route to becoming the master repository of wellness.”