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Mi7 Solutions: Driving Efficiency in EHR Implementations

Joe Falcomata, Vice President, Mi7 SolutionsJoe Falcomata, Vice President, Mi7 Solutions
Over the last six years, the pace at which Mi7 Solutions has grown is both an impressive and a puzzling achievement for many in the realm of electronic health records (EHR) solutions. Strictly following the discipline of enhancing healthcare practices and delivering cost-competitive, quality automation and data access in the EHR arena, the firm tackles the impediments of integrating eClinicalWorks systems with third-party systems, gaining access to the correct quality data needed in the current healthcare community, and enabling practices to make well information financial and clinical decisions. With rich expertise in the mechanism and the data elements of eClinicalWorks systems, Mi7 Solutions’ skilled team assists clients to seamlessly integrate third-party products to streamline medical practices on both clinical quality and financial perspectives with the aid of quality reporting, lab interfaces and data integration. “Our vision is to provide automation and data access to establish more efficient processes and drive better patient care and business decisions,” says Mi7 Solutions’ Vice President, Joe Falcomata.

“What sets us apart from others in the industry is our commitment and core service that help businesses, and medical practices succeed in clinical qualities and financial aspects. From patient’s first contact to the point where their claim is paid on the back-end, all of our staff has an in-depth knowledge of healthcare and how its business processes run,” says Falcomata.

For a greater efficiency of healthcare processes, extracting and consolidating information—whether financial or clinical— accurately from eClinicalWorks systems to a central organization is crucial. Mi7 Solutions recognizes this push and leverages robust automation to schedule and extract reports without the expenditure of additional resources for the practice, enabling error-free data extraction and healthy staff engagement. With the amount of process consolidation taking place in the EHR arena, numerous healthcare practices are implemented by hospitals and integrated into their systems.

What sets us apart from others in the industry is our commitment and core service that help businesses, and medical practices succeed in clinical qualities and financial aspects

However, with a fair amount of data exchange between eClinicalWorks and hospital systems, this large-scale integration is time-consuming and tedious. Mitigating this malady, Mi7 Solutions’ custom integration engine focuses on integrating lab devices and best-of-breed third-party products with the main data in eClinicalWorks system to integrate a quality dashboard for superlative data acquisition. “We help healthcare organizations save time and get things up and running as they migrate to a new system,” Falcomata adds.

Migrating to a new system can be an expensive process, but, Mi7 Solutions’ custom integration engine built from the ground-up facilitates ongoing data exchange between different types of EHRs or between an EHR and a lab system. This circumvents staff from entering the data manually, thus reducing errors and improving the quality of care. All of this can be achieved with a sturdy interface and processes used by Mi7. The firm’s custom integration engine is flexible to handle tasks such as report scheduling, data transfer to and from databases, and update third-party APIs using internal data manipulation.

For Mi7 Solutions, every client is a custom project to gather information and specifications in regard to upfront and package pricing and ongoing maintenance for a speedy EHR implementation process is the prime focus. Mi7 Solutions is providing its integration services to allow a large practice in Georgia to integrate with Salesforce.com. This is allowing the practice to leverage the data it already had, to provide more proactive quality care, while also leveraging the data to increase their financial efficiency. Mi7 Solutions’ automated integration directed the information from the clinical system into Salesforce to leverage the vast marketing automation and tools available with SalesForce.

Scripting similar success stories, Mi7 Solutions strives to leverage its knowledge and rich expertise in eClinicalWorks and healthcare practices to expand its offerings into other healthcare markets. The firm looks forward to partnering with other third-party product providers to brighten the future of healthcare with a customer-focused approach.