Kareo: One-app Solution for Medical Service Management

Kareo: One-app Solution for Medical Service Management

Today’s complex billing environment in the healthcare landscape has created the need for a single, web-based yet user-friendly software which integrates billing, scheduling, and synchronizes with patients’ database. The demand for accessibility of medical records and information on-the-go has made web-billing software a necessity. Individual medical practitioners who deal with smaller number of patients compared to hospitals find it hard to maintain patients’ records by electronic means. Maintaining these records by conventional means—on pen and paper— is time-consuming and does not serve the purpose. Existing software solutions are not fine-tuned to the needs of small practitioners and are financially implausible. Headquartered in Irvine, Kareo addresses these challenges by offering tabulated database systems specialized for different health problems, which can be accessed from anywhere in the globe and synchronized with a patient’s EMR.

As the world is shifting from static databases to swift, affordable cloud-based service, Kareo is providing groundbreaking solutions in the medical management software industry. Founded with a vision to simplify medical offices, Kareo with its web-based medical billing software is replacing the current expensive and complex medical billing and practice management systems. “Getting paid quickly with the least amount of effort is an essential requirement for medical practices today, but achieving this goal has been out of reach for many practices. Through our solution we adhere to that keeping in mind today’s dynamic environment of the industry,” says Dan Rodrigues, Founder, CEO, and Chairman Kareo. The company provides billing solutions and electronic medical records for individual physicians, hospitals, and customers.

“For doctors, Kareo has simple, easy to use cloud-based solutions to keep records of patient’s schedules, billing, and medical histories with specialized databases for different types of ailments,” adds Rodrigues. Kareo’s solution fits seamlessly with a medical practitioner’s daily routine due to its mobile-first design, making the users less dependent on their desktops and giving them remote access to charts and schedules.

Kareo’s app lets doctors keep a tab on their patients virtually—allowing them to review pathological reports, electronically prescribe, and access other medical records and schedule appointments. Other than this, Kareo has a marketplace like platform where doctors can refer patients to other medical practitioners while the patients have the option of choosing the best physician. This constitutes to form a win-win situation for both.

Getting paid quickly with the least amount of effort is an essential requirement for medical practices today, but achieving this goal has been out of reach for many practices

One of the company’s clients, Dr. Theo Felts, MD, an emergency medicine practitioner in MediQuick Urgent Care facility in Kansas, set out to cater to emergency cases avoiding the high cost of an emergency room visit. While doing so, he wanted to implement a billing system that would hasten the process of registering the patients in his clinic, and document patient visits in addition to billing. In consultation with his biller, Dr. Felts chose Kareo for this purpose. Having previously used Kareo’s EHR for his consultation needs, he was well aware of the prowess of Kareo’s technology. According to him, the entire system is much simpler, devoid of convoluted windows which make it user-friendly. Kareo which is set up by Rodrigues, a doctor himself who knows the intricacies of what works best in the billing process without compromising on treatment, is truly unmatched in terms of streamlining. “For the road ahead, Kareo wants to blend itself with emerging technological trends and provide best of breed solutions for customers,” he concludes.