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iPatientCare: Facilitating Quality Patient Care Services through Single System

Udayan Mandavia, CEO, iPatientCareUdayan Mandavia, CEO, iPatientCare
The evolution of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has boosted efficiency in healthcare industry, in terms of providing quality medical services and treatments. However, even after such a paradigm shift, healthcare organizations still face difficulties in terms of managing the ever-increasing exposure to risks in handling patient records and data. When it comes to EHR, the challenges mainly lie in the areas of usability, productivity, patient engagement, quality reporting, and shifting reimbursement to value-based payments. “As medical care is becoming more complex, providers are facing intense pressure to come up with innovative EHR systems to fulfill the needs of the physicians and hospitals,” begins Udayan Mandavia, CEO, iPatientCare. With an aim to address these challenges, iPatientCare, a New Jersey based firm, provides an intuitive and easy-to-use EHR that conforms very closely to the workflow of physicians’ offices.

iPatientCare’s EHR system offers a plethora of uses, where it enables the physicians to monitor and execute all operations under one roof. The system takes care of patient registration, appointment scheduling, electronic charting and prescribing, electronic labs and diagnostic tests. “We provide dashboards and alerts; reminders for the quick decision-making that reduces a physician’s cognitive workload,” claims Udayan. In addition, the firm’s complimentary products such as patient self check-in kiosk, document imaging, signature pads, and credit card payment gateways are designed to increase the practice’s productivity. Furthermore, iPatientCare’s patient engagement suite not only provides a patient portal but compliments it with mobile apps and reminder or messaging systems to engage patients via text, voice, and email.

Being a cloud-based EHR/PM system, iPatientCare stands for simplicity and high availability.

It also enables the company to offer products like eHealthCloud, which plays a vital role in exchange of information across hospital/health system’s networks, and other physicians’ offices, labs, retail pharmacies. “Through this solution, patient centric clinical data can be exported and imported among the wide range of networks more effortlessly,” says Udayan.

The company has helped several organizations transform from manual data entry processes into paperless firms. One among them is Brighton Hospital that wanted to enhance its efficiency and patient safety without dramatically changing the workflow. In addition, the organization wanted the EHR system to improve staff productivity and communication, support clinical safety and excellence goals, and improve compliance with documentation requirements and standards. After performing a thorough research, the hospital chose to implement iPatientCare’s EHR system to streamline their entire records. After the implementation, the hospital was able to reduce their staff and enable round the clock access to patient records, which in turn enhanced the staff efficiency in making feasible decisions using EHR.

We provide dashboards and alerts or reminders for the quick decision-making that reduces a physician’s cognitive workload

Several success stories like the above have brought accolades for iPatientCare’s relentless service and approach to its customers. Udayan credits the success to the company’s deep commitment to develop robust solutions that will improve health outcomes and reduce costs in healthcare IT. “We also stay abreast of the current cutting edge of technology by architecting smart solutions and delivering them to a very fragmented market space,” he says.

Moving forward, iPatientCare aims to launch a complete healthcare consumer focused product for wellness and integrative/ holistic medicine, namely, Wellidity. “We are planning to expand our geographical footprint in Common Wealth Countries like Europe, Southern American and emerging growth markets,” concludes Udayan.