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Greenway Health: Tailor-Made Comprehensive Networking Solutions Expert

 Tee Green, CEO, greenway health
Networking solution providers are coming up with cutting edge technologies aiming to deliver integrated, value-based services to health care sector. Being a rapidly growing sector, the data are piling up exponentially and most of the times, due to technological impediments, a considerable amount of health records are lost. “Lot of Electronic Health Records (EHR) generated by different hospitals is not analyzed properly, leaving many providers incapable to glean values from the huge chunks of data they are producing every hour,” says Tee Green, CEO, Greenway Health.

Headquartered in Georgia, Greenway Health delivers clinical, financial and administrative information solutions to healthcare organizations. “Our solution, helps enterprises manage delivery of highquality, costeffective care and improve health outcomes,” he adds. The health care company provides single signon platform for both EHR and Practice Management (PM) which help the clients get the quick solutions. “At Greenway Health, we provide smarter clinical, financial and administrative solutions that help businesses effectively compete in an evolving value-based healthcare system and deliver quality care that leads to improved population health outcomes,” he adds.

The company’s integrated EHR and PM system, PrimeSUITE, unifies essential clinical, financial and updated analytical technology with tailormade features that benefits both providers and administrators. With this software the company provides electronic medical contents for over thirty specialties and sub-specialties. “PrimeSUITE ensure the availability of right mechanism for organizations to achieve optimal financial performance, enhance patient care, and at the same time ascertain fast and secure access,” claims Green. Greenway Health differentiates itself with its best-of-the-breed simplified processes of scheduling appointments and resources, effective specialty-specific clinical template library, modern and integrated speech-to-text, mobile, patient engagement programs, and analytics. The company offer customized and innovative work plan, depending on the size of the clientele.

They provide significant and value effective solutions which makes Greenway Health one the most prominent face in healthcare provider system. “Our solutions are used by large enterprises, ambulatory clinics, physician practices, retail and worksite clinics,” Green states. Since inception, Greenway Health has been helping its clients to improve health outcomes. For instance, in 2002, Women’s Health Advantage (WHA), a provider of women's health care implemented a rudimentary system— an electronic version of a paper chart containing word transcriptions and scanned or hand-written diagnostic test results. The system’s functional OB flow sheet had limited data points for reporting which hindered its data mining capability. The dictation would add one to two hours to the provider’s day, impacting reversely on quality of life. Also WHA realized that Greenway’s paper ‘encounter forms’ for coding and charging created two areas of lost revenue and decided to implement Greenway’s PrimeSUITE EHR. The solution eased up the work flow and reduced the time consumed for dictating records on a daily basis. “We assembled an implementation team four months in advance to make preparations and gave direction to our effort. Later we implemented it by attending our first user’s conference two months prior to go live,” explains Green.

Moving forward, Greenway Health aims to continue delivering their expertise and quality solutions to its existing and prospective clients. The company recently announced a significant expansion of its population health solutions. “This supports Greenway Health’s mission to help our customers improve and save lives. We have always worked to empower our customers so they can deliver highquality care while being financially sound,” concludes Green.