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eClinicalWorks: Deploying Ambulatory Clinical Solutions

Cloud computing is changing every industry and its impact on healthcare information technology will be transformative. However, CIOs are concerned with systems capable of deploying in the cloud and running on any device and any platform. “Technology plays a pivotal role in today’s healthcare landscape with the overall goal of driving down costs and improving patient outcomes,” begins Girish Navani, CEO, eClinicalWorks.

To provide immediate support and better patient record healthcare organizations are adapting Electronic Health Records (EHR) beyond practice walls and creating community-wide records. Organizations want an easy way to deploy and manage technology that can run on mobile devices, iPads and desktops. Addressing these challenges, eClinicalWorks offers ambulatory clinical solutions and extends its technology.

“We develop our products with the latest technologies, and invest significant resources and capital in deploying cloud infrastructure so end-users can use the EHR anytime, anywhere on any device,” he adds. Using eClinicalWorks, physicians and their staff can streamline their electronic medical records, practice management and medical document management. The company offers EHR Suite, eClinicalWorks V10 which comes with various advantages and has access to clinical contents. The software offers a single database which is used to link patient demographics and medical records to the insurance and billing. eClinicalWorks V10 is ONCHIT 2014 Complete EHR Certified, ICD-10 compliant and has integrated voice to text capabilities along with 500+ enhancements.

“eClinicalWorks EMR makes it easy to send and receive information–whether it’s an alert to a colleague down the hall, a referral to a specialist across town, or an exchange of data with a hospital in another state.” The EHR Suite also provides Electronic prescribing.
CCMR, another solution of eClinicalWorks; provides care, analytics, patient engagement, care planning, referral network, health information aggregator. The software is the most used Population Health Solution across all functional ACO categories according to KLAS.

Big Data is more than a buzzword for doctors, researchers and patients – it means easier access to health information, predictive medicine, quicker diagnoses and better treatment

Girish Navani, CEO & Co-founder, eClinicalWorksGirish Navani, CEO & Co-founder, eClinicalWorks
Further, the company offers a unified Hospital Management Solution (HMS) that helps streamline operations, reduce costs and improve healthcare. The eClinicalWorks HMS is a comprehensive solution that integrates the various functions found in the inpatient environment, improving operational efficiency, streamlining workflows, and facilitating the delivery of high quality patient care. This is a web-based product that spans the clinical, administrative and financial areas of an integrated healthcare delivery system.

Since inception, eClinicalWorks has been helping healthcare organizations with its enterprise class EHR solutions. “Thirteen of our customers have experienced increased patient outcomes and ROI. For instance, a customer in New York has shared that the eClinicalWorks EHR let him identify patients that did not have their preventive mammograms. The client sent out reminders to these patients and it helped him diagnose and treat three young women who were diagnosed in an early stage of breast cancer.
Another customer shared a story about a patient having an asthma episode on a plane. He was able to message his doctor from the plane and had a prescription waiting at the airport pharmacy when he landed. These examples are coming in more frequently and this is why we are in this business. We want to help make a positive change in the way healthcare is delivered.

eClinicalWorks differentiates itself with its focus on establishing longterm relationships with customers. We have a 98.9 percent renewal rate based on figures from maintenance contracts and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) renewal agreements–one of the highest customer retention rates in the country,” claims Navani.

Moving on eClinicalWorks is committed in making a change by improving healthcare and providing technology and services to reduce costs, reduce errors and improve the quality of care and also establishes long term connection with its customers. We want our customers to Stay tuned in October. We have some exciting developments in the works.