CureMD: Innovative Information Systems to Transform Healthcare Operations

CureMD: Innovative Information Systems to Transform Healthcare Operations

In the healthcare setting, the objectives of both payers and providers are ensuring good health and curtailing unnecessary costs without the loss of essential information data. The ever increasing size of the information data in the healthcare industry calls upon the need to deploy solutions that ease hospital management and operations. Now, healthcare organizations are plunging to the implementation of cloud based services that facilitate the storage and access of online health records. However, these information systems need to be simple, sustainable and cost-effective to ensure better health management. “With CureMD, hospitals need not spend thousands of dollars on set up, maintenance and licensing fees anymore,” says Bilal Hashmat, Co-founder and CEO, CureMd. Headquartered in New York, the Company offers innovative health information systems and services that can simplify complex administrative and clinical operations of healthcare companies. “CureMD's advanced web-based technology and usability make it a great fit for small and mid-sized medical practices seeking an easy-to-learn user interface that helps staff operate efficiently with minimum effort and cost,” adds Hashmat.

CureMD’s solutions enable decision making, streamlining operations and compliance with industry standards and best practices. The firm’s All-In-One EHR is a cloud-based platform that is designed to personalize care delivery, enhance quality of services, patient safety, efficiency of staff, and curb unnecessary costs. And if the goal is to increase reimbursements or simply stay ahead of compliance requirements, CureMD empowers the clients’ practice by providing Practice Management. The Practice Management easily integrates work and provides online access to all relevant data to optimize coordination, reduce operating expense, and accelerate revenue collections.

CureMD Avalon is the company’s iPad EHR software that allows users access data ‘on-the-go’ through mobile devices. “Avalon allows physicians to move swiftly through in terms of work without being tied to a room. It is not just an iPad EHR, but a better EHR,” Hashmat claims. With the help of Avalon’s one tap feature users can touch and dictate to chart and code in real-time at the point of care. And when it comes to improving one’s medical practices, CureMD provides Specialty EHR. This in turns provides proper usability, workflow editor, template designer and other customization tools to support one’s unique style, preferences and practice priorities.

Along with the solutions ensuring health and wellbeing, CureMD’s billing services help customers explore the advantages of outsourcing and get dedicated account managers and billing analysts to receive un-paralleled support. “Our billing analysts will check patients’ eligibility electronically, submit claims and post payments. Then a team of experts follow up on denied claims and work to get them paid,” beams Hashmat. “To sum it up, this solution helps to put the billing technicalities aside so that a doctor can get back to the patients.”

CureMD holds a record of boosting efficiency of their practice operations while delivering the highest quality levels of patient care. For instance, CureMD was approached by Irving Place of Physical Therapy, a New York-based therapy center to implement solutions that would allow hospital staff to smoothly carry out day-to-day operations. “CureMD’s solution stack helped us transition from previous vendor. The firm’s D support team always supports our staff with any queries,” extols Dr. Arthur Hryhorowych, Irving Place of Physical Therapy.

CureMD's advanced web-based technology and usability make it a great fit for small and midsized medical practices seeking an easy-to-learn user interface that helps staff can get up and running quickly with minimum effort and cost

For the future, CureMd plans to launch its latest product called CureMD ICE (integrated community exchange) that is specifically designed for population health management in cure organizations and therapy centers. “We wish to be known for our unique functionality–being there for our customers irrespective of the device and browser they use at anytime and anywhere,” concludes Hashmat.