athenahealth: Enhancing Patient Monitoring Systems Using Cloud-Based Software

Well-organized and structured transfer of medical records has shaped out to be a vital component of health care monitoring in recent years. However, numerous health care organizations have expressed their disappointment over outdated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) equipment, primarily introduced to maintain records of patients electronically. athenahealth, one of the prime suppliers of cloud-based services and mobile applications for medical groups and health systems has succeeded in providing a huge set of technological innovations aimed to improve the clinical monitoring system.

The company headquartered at Watertown, MA, U.S. was cofounded by the CEO Jonathan Bush and Todd Park. Bush was interested in improving the health care system through technological innovations to provide hassle-free treatment to the patients. The technology provided by the company gives access to medical centers and doctors to share patient records using cloud, eliminating technical and cost barriers. He believes that using cloud for exchanging records is the next step towards improving health care systems because it is not only more flexible but also faster and reliable.

athenaClinicals is one of the latest products of the company and it has been recognized as the ‘most usable product’ as testified by physicians in a recent report. The product helps in summarizing all relevant information about a patient in a single datasheet. The teams of experts at the company help both small scale and large scale medical practitioners to avoid problems related to the transfer of patient record details. Apart from this, the cloud-based software used by their product is updated when required, free of cost and the process is carried out by a clinical intelligence team who ensure that patient details are always up to date. The use of electronic health records help in maintaining and sharing case records and also helps doctors to keep track of patient records from any location. “athenahealth is committed to connecting care, not just amongst our traditional client base, but for all segments of the communities in which we live and work," says Bush.

We are committed to connecting care, not just amongst our traditional client base, but for all segments of the communities in which we live and work

One of the company’s clients, The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group (SAOG) had expressed their satisfaction after they availed athenahealth’s EHR service. Previously, they faced a lot of problem in maintaining patient records, sharing and transferring which disrupted smooth functioning of their operations. Over the years, SAOG has seen continuous improvements in the products. Officials from the company reported that after installing athenaClinicals—Athena health’s cloud-based EHR, the orthopeadic group cited immense improvement in monitoring patient records and maintaining it.

The company enjoyed a lot of success last year owing to their product athenaClinicals which helped them bag deals with hospitals to store patient records. Additionally, their products were widely used by a number of doctors and health care centers. athenahealth's performance for the first quarter indicates that they are aiming to expand their international operations and are looking forward to develop new prototypes to enhance health care monitoring systems.