Allscripts: Comprehensive Solutions through Flexible Healthcare Models

Allscripts: Comprehensive Solutions through Flexible Healthcare Models

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) industry needs a forwardlooking stance to keep up with the altering regulations issued by the government, while providing rich and innovative healthcare modules to modern healthcare practices. Allscripts [NASDAQ:MDRX] is a Chicago based company that delivers practice management and EHR technology for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. With customizable inputs and interfaces, Allscripts provides certified solutions for ambulatory settings and small to midsize practices. “A mix of comprehensive clinical management modules and mobility has helped Allscripts earn the trust of several clients,” says Paul M. Black, CEO, Allscripts.

Allscripts’ suites have fit more than 180,000 clients through its trademarked TouchWorks EHR and Professional EHR solutions. TouchWorks is a highly customizable and scalable solution along with multi-site and multi-specialty EHR support suite, aimed at small-sized ambulatory healthcare units. “It focuses on a concrete clinical documentation by encapsulating ICD-10 coding which benefits quality management, reimbursement, and fraud detection,” adds Black. In order to generate a chart that can be read and used in a format that clients prefer, the suite allows clients to have control over the content and style of the notes being generated. On the other hand, the Professional EHR suite keeps practices connected to other providers and players through a dedicated community of more than 50,000 pharmacies, national labs, and most importantly, patients. This is virtually the biggest community dedicated to healthcare existent in the EHR industry. The webbased Prenatal module, which provides the tools to document and communicate maternity care information, is the highlight of the Professional EHR suite.

Allscripts is committed to partnering with clients to ensure hospitals and health systems have customizable solutions that help achieve better patient outcomes

Allscripts Wand, the company’s flagship mobile application, is a native iPad application featured in both the suites that allows physicians and their extenders to manage and read consolidated patient charts with realtime access to critical information. The company is committed to partnering with clients to ensure hospitals and other health systems have customizable solutions to help achieve better patient outcomes, improved quality of care and generate additional revenue.

The company has major clienteles like Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, Costal Carolina Healthcare, and Grand Lake Health Systems. Cornerstone Medical Care, a Florida based client, providing primary healthcare to adults, used EHRs for more than a decade, starting with Misys in 2002. After the regulatory burdens became omnipresent, the organization moved to Allscripts’ EHR solution. As, the organization receives payments through Medicare Advantage Plans, the payments were tied to the organization’s star rating, hence the focus was on escalating the ratings by opting for Allscripts’ Professional EHR , that has an HCC mode and risk stratification, to significantly increase the ability to accurately report riskadjusted HCC codes. “Initially the average was around 3.0 stars before implementing Allscripts’ EHR solutions, later the ratings escalated to 4.5 stars in the first quarter of 2014,” delineates Ferenczy-Zumpano, Practice Administrator, Cornerstone’s.

Allscripts believes that beyond the terms of software and technology, every aspect of an organization— clinical, financial and operational—must be equipped with the right tools and solutions in order to share information and streamline transactions across the care continuum. “Our support for large and small scale operations through a selective module approach depending on the type of practice is proving to be effective in terms of developing provider’s service quality and payer end satisfaction,” concludes Black.