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Quammen Health Care Consultants: A Consultative Approach to EHR Optimization

Dr. Robecca Quammen, CEO, Quammen Health Care ConsultantsDr. Robecca Quammen, CEO, Quammen Health Care Consultants
In the wake of health reform, healthcare organizations are scrambling to determine the necessary steps to improve their patient’s experience, manage their population’s health, and decrease their per capita costs. At the center of this push: adopting and optimizing electronic health records (EHRs). Quammen Health Care Consultants (QHCC), an Orlando-based full-service healthcare information systems and business consulting firm offers strategic, advisory, and management services focused on optimizing each healthcare organization’s unique ecosystem to achieve this triple aim.

“The company provides a consultative platform that relies heavily on proven methodologies that allows healthcare organizations to overcome the inherent challenges and limitations of EHRs,” says Dr. Robecca Quammen, CEO, Quammen Health Care Consultants. Addressing this, QHCC places a great deal of importance on evidence-driven clinical practice, rendering solutions that enable organizations to be agile, adaptable, and fully aligned on the front lines of care.

Instead of accepting status-quo technology products as a given, QHCC develops and deploys solutions that will enable healthcare organizations to thrive in the era of value based purchasing. The R4 Framework is a proven methodology that ensures key organizational clinical and business drivers are leveraged and reflected within the overall design of the EHR. Lean principles are embedded to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness is achieved and wasteful redundant processes are eliminated.

Healthcare leaders are now tasked with leveraging existing systems–or adding new technologies– into the mix to finally reach that watershed moment when the journey becomes blatantly worthwhile. QHCC makes it possible to fully leverage technology solutions and maintain a relentless focus on meaningful, actionable clinical data at the point of care. This

information workflow focus approaches patient data from a usefulness perspective, combining enabling technologies and application functionality with interoperability of clinical processes. It enables organizations to meet the unique business requirements of individual departments, while protecting the integrity of key data needed by the organization as a whole. “With seamless integration available, interoperability and standardization is paramount to creating a clean and sustainable solution that meets operational and clinical workflow requirements,” says Dr. Quammen.

“At Quammen, we are always challenging the status quo,” asserts Dr. Quammen. “We are currently working to bridge the gap between what is implemented, what is being used, and what needs to be done to insure safe, quality care is delivered, compliance requirements are met, and reimbursement is optimized.”

Moving forward, Quammen hopes to unravel opportunities in the second generation EHRs that would complement the rising push to cloud and mobility. Moreover, the firm will continue focusing on rapid prototyping of a recently patented software product that promises to bridge one of the many operational clinical gaps between the current EHR and Big Data analytics. “We still have many problems to solve in everyday clinical and financial operations and we hope to be a part of those solutions,” Dr. Quammen concludes.

While what we have accomplished as an industry is gargantuan by all historical measures, we have just begun to realize the benefits to be derived from all the automation that is currently in place