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The Healthcare industry is witnessing new levels of evolution as hospitals and healthcare systems around the globe grow more inclined to consolidate and grow. As an emerging trend, healthcare consolidation is making it a priority to improve information sharing among healthcare institutions by moving the data of multiple EMRs to a common electronic health record (EHR) system. As the traction for EHR integration grows among the modern healthcare entities, it comes with substantial advantages: offering the continuum of patient records, reduction of redundant IT staffing, capping operating costs, and helping patients by eliminating information gaps and information-sharing frictions as they move across care delivery sites.

However, integrations like these bring consequential challenges as healthcare organizations continue to merge external practices into their systems. Acquiring new sets of systems invites complications not just with the integration aspect but also in terms of operability, compliance, and security. Barbara DeVos, CMO, EHRbox, says, “A multitude of healthcare organizations avoid meddling with external systems fearing corrupt data that could affect the way their platform works.” In this situation, healthcare entities require a robust tool that can provide their physicians easy and fast access to their historical health records irrespective of external or internal EMRs along with seamless efficiency and security. On top of that, the tool also needs to provide the healthcare system with access to the data, which is integrated amongst multiple EMR systems and into one common archiving platform. Bringing the current day healthcare landscape closer to this value of ease and dexterity is EHRbox.

Given the intricacies of the modern healthcare industry, EHRbox carves a niche in EHR integration with their deep domain skills and technology expertise across a wide spectrum of industry needs, including regulatory compliance, healthcare standards, and emerging consumer trends.

Normalized data is a key differentiator that we are offering to the EHR industry

EHRbox Practice Areas are spearheaded by a specialized team of healthcare technology professionals with strong technology and domain understanding. “Today, our EHR product manages over 25 million patient records across 100 different EMRs,” adds DeVos.

Major hospitals are typically known to deploy business analytics on their proprietary platform that generates crucially actionable insights for them. EHRbox’s product takes this big data analytics advantage a notch up by enabling its clients to layer any analytics platform employed by the acquired practice over EHRbox while allowing its customers to substantiate the value of their platform’s data. EHRbox’s clients can acquire over 30-40 different EMRs with diverse data models; however, with EHRbox, all the client needs is just one interface to pull that data up in a normalized format. John Smyth, CTO, EHRbox, explains, “Normalized data is a key differentiator that we are offering to the EHR industry. It is like that one usable language that works for everyone including different practitioners, physicians, and also patients.” The one-click application allows ease of use amongst the many different EMRs while being accessible within the client’s primary EMR. Moreover, EHRbox is also highly customizable and allows the client to integrate aspects like insurance and a data security layer into their active directory environment.

Going ahead with a cloud-based technology standpoint, EHRbox is set to address premium healthcare systems that enable the platform to become more secure on the cloud. The company is looking forward to taking a service delivery model approach instead of premium installation approach while empowering these premium healthcare systems with increased portability around their data usage.Expanding into newer avenues such as lab systems, pack systems, and ERP solutions, EHRbox is further being designed to successfully map out the data models of these unexplored domains and unify all their data together in a simplified format. “Moving ahead on this curve, as we witness the growth of data in other industrial verticals, normalizing their data format will be a revolutionary endeavor for us, which will further enable us to facilitate successful acquisition of external data while making this engagement efficient,” concludes DeVos.

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Barbara DeVos, CMO, Ehrbox

We create EHR ecosystems by sharing best practices from both worlds. We envision moving forward and achieving great things to improve quality of life for patients while increasing practice efficiencies and optimizing scale to service while maintaining data integrity, dedicated to ensuring more accurate clinical decisions and improving the sustainability of healthcare systems. Our products are easily integrated into the physicians workflow, capable of delivering information when and where they need it. Our goal is to build, provide and manage a seamless flow of information within a digital health care infrastructure. We look at it as centralizing critical data in one designated box that can be saved, shared and capable of collaborating to provide the most effective and efficient tool related to patient management. Our goal is to create a tool for our clients that will prove substantially improved accuracy while increasing practice efficiencies all within one easy to use secure dashboard. Allow us to integrate the web of systems into one platform